Renting self storage in Groningen

Looking for temporary self storage in the most beautiful province in the Netherlands? Storing your things at Shurgard Self Storage Groningen is quick and easy. We have everything you need: secure storage units, moving boxes, packing materials, bubble wrap and much more! Shurgard in the city of the Martini offers temporary or permanent self storage of furniture, the contents of grandma's house or your own things during a move or renovation. We have stores at two locations in the city of Groningen. They can be reached easily from anywhere in the province via the motorway or secondary roads.

Self storage in Groningen: €1* for the first month's rent

We have excellent rates. You can rent a storage unit in Groningen starting at €1* for the first month, even if you are only renting for one month. Temporary storage has never been this low-priced.

In Groningen, we have various offers and discount on the rental price of your storage unit. These can be combined. Click a location below or on the map. Get your storage unit in Groningen or the surrounding area today.

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The advantages of renting temporary self storage in Groningen

  • Short-term or long-term: do you need a storage unit for only a short time, because you are renovating? No problem. Of course, we're also here for you if you require long-term storage or if you need somewhere to store business inventory for the coming years.
  • Near you: whether you are a Stadjer or live in the Groningen area, there is always a Shurgard store near you.
  • Easily accessible: the Shurgard stores in the Groningen area are easily accessible, thanks to their location near important main roads.
  • Parking close to the building: at Shurgard Groningen, you can park your car, van or moving van free of charge on the grounds of our stores.
  • Security above all: access to our stores and grounds is ensured by means of unique personal pin codes. We use CCTV. As a customer, only you have the key to your storage unit.
  • Flexible access: you have access to your storage unit 7 days a week, from 6 am to 11 pm. Want to be able to access your things in the middle of the night? 24-hour access is available upon request.
  • Shurgard offers many extras: loading and unloading is even easier with the right equipment. We are also eager to help you with moving boxes and other packing materials such as tape and bubble wrap. If you have any questions about your storage unit, we are eager to help you with expert advice.

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