Renting self storage in the Delft and Delftland area

The Delft and Delfland area is always in flux, with a prestigious Technical University, TNO, Beestenmarkt, Nieuwe Kerk and, winding through it all, the Delftse Schie. Renting space in a city like that can be a costly operation. Not if it's up to Shurgard! We offer various types of storage at a great price.

There are two Shurgard stores in the area, where you can rent temporary or permanent storage quickly and easily. Whether you are moving, renovating or have more furniture than you need, Shurgard in the Delft area is the perfect place for inventory and furniture storage!

You can rent storage in the Delft area for just €1* for the first month

Want to experience the quality of Shurgard's storage solutions right away? Take advantage of our unique offer of just €1* for the first month of storage, even if you're only renting for one month.

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Why choose Shurgard?

  • In your area: There are 2 Shurgard stores in the Delfland area, so there is always a store near you. Our stores are located on Ypenburgse Poort industrial estate in Noord-Delft, near Delftste Hout, and near Delft-Zuid stadium and the N470 motorway, on Karrepad.
  • Secure storage units, pin code access, and CCTV: Only you have access to your storage unit.
  • Easy to reach: Parking can be difficult in the Delft area, but at Shurgard you can park right in front of the store! You can even drive right up to your storage unit by car or van. You can easily load and unload your valuables, thanks to our spacious car park and convenient storage methods.
  • Short-term and long-term storage options: We are just as flexible as Delftse Schie winding through the city centre! You can rent as for as long as you want.

A storage unit for every situation

Trust in Shurgard's expert experience when it comes to temporary self storage. We offer storage units for every requirement and customer. Whether you are moving and need temporary, secure storage for the entire contents of your house or you are a student and just need somewhere to store your things, it can all be done at Shurgard. We offer secure, ventilated, low-priced storage options and the right materials, such as moving boxes, packing materials, bubble wrap and various types of tape.

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